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      • 7/15/14 – The points and results have been updated for Colo. This was the 4th pull in 4 days for the MPA. It turned out to be a great day of pulling. The promoter of the Colo pull wanted to show their appreciation for all those that showed up. Every puller that showed up will receive $40 for hook/tow money. If you placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd, the hook/town money is included in your payment. Payment for placing is: 1st Place = $110, 2nd = $100, 3rd = $90.

      • 7/15/14 – The points and results have been updated for Marshalltown. We managed to dodge the rain showers and had a great pull. A special thanks to business that donated money towards payout.  Please help support the businesses that support our association:



      • Payout has been sent for Marshalltown. 1st Place = $160, 2nd = $130, 3rd = $90.

      • 7/15/14 – The points and results have been updated for New Virginia. We had a lot of trucks there and one of the largest spectator crowds I have seen there. Payout has been sent for New Virginia. 1st Place = $80, 2nd = $65, 3rd = $40, 4th = $30 & 5th = $20.

      • 7/15/14 – The points and results have been updated for Fort Dodge. The weather was great for the pull. Hope to be back there next year. The payout has been sent for Fort Dodge. 1st Place is $110, 2nd is $90 & 3rd is $70. Thanks to all that made it up there.

      • 6/28/14 – The points and results have been updated for Manson.

      • 6/26/14 – Just a reminder that the Manson pull is tomorrow night at 7:00. Always a great pull. Over the winter the rules were changed to require all pullers (except the Entry Level Gas & Diesel) to wear a fire suit (one piece or jacket & pants) and helmet. This is for the drivers safety as well as consistency between the classes. This is the 3rd pull of the season and we have had some leniency so far. However, at Manson the firesuit and helmet rules will be enforced. Thanks and hope to see you all in Manson!!

      • 6/25/14 – The points have been updated for Elkhart and State Center. The payout for Elkhart has also been sent. Thanks to Elkhart for some additional money for payout. The Elkhart payout is $100 for 1st, $75 for 2nd and $50 for third.

      • Since we were unable to pull the heavy classes in Elkhart, everyone that pulled in the light classes received 10 points for the heavy class. We apologize for not being able to run the heavy classes and appreciate everyone’s patience. Elkhart turned out to be a great show for the spectators. We look forward to going back.

      • State Center was eventually rained out. There were many that showed up, but ultimately we were unable to pull. For everyone that showed up, they will receive 10 points for both the heavy and the light classes. Thanks to all that showed up. See you all in Manson on Friday night.

      • 6/18/14 – We are pleased to announce that the Colo pull on July 13th will have extra payout. A special thanks to Arnold Motor Supply of Ames for the additional payout.

      • 6/16/14 – The points for Cambridge are posted and the payout has been sent. 1st is $90, 2nd is $70 & 3rd is $50. Just a reminder that the payout is the result of the total distance pulled in both the light and heavy classes. Also, for those who haven’t pulled with us before. The payout is sent via our bill pay service. So you will receive a check from our bank in the mail in approximately 3-5 days. Make sure you don’t throw it out with the junk mail. It will have a clear window that shows your name and address on the front of the check. Thanks to all that made it out to Cambridge. It was a good start to the season. Don’t forget about the Elkhart pull this Saturday and the State Center pull this Sunday. Hope to see everyone out there.

      • 5/20/14 – Thanks to all that helped make the Test and Tune possible. It was a great day and it was good to see everyone after the long winter. The start of the season is just around the corner. We have updated the schedule with the start times for the pulls. We are missing a couple of start times. We will post those as soon as we can.

      • 4/28/14 – We are pleased to announce that the Spring New Virginia Iowa pull at the Gerry-Allen Memorial Park will be an MPA points pull. They always have a lot of great trucks and spectator turnout. Hope to see you all there.

      • 4/27/14 – We have added a pull in Guthrie Center on the 30th of August. I have updated the schedule below as well as in the “Schedule” section. Just a reminder the Test and Tune is only 3 weeks away! See you all there.

      • 3/28/14 – The 2014 Rules have been posted. Please note a couple of changes. We are pleased to announce a few new classes. The first two are entry level classes for the gas and diesel trucks. These are for off the street “stock” type trucks. This is meant to be an entry level class. If the MPA board feels any truck in the entry level class is performing at a level of a current MPA class, they will be asked to move up. There is also a new “Open” class. This will have trucks of various levels and tractors competing with each other. It should be a fun class.
      • The 2014 membership forms are also posted. Please note that associate members are now $60 vs. the $25. However, with this change comes a change in our contracts. Now all members, both associate and full, plus one will get into the pulls free.

      • 3/13/14 – Below is an updated 2014 MPA schedule. Nevada has been removed from the schedule and Afton & Spencer were added. When we get the start times finalized, they will be posted. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the test and tune!

2014 Schedule

      • 1/24/14 – The next board meeting will be on Thursday February 13th in Andrew’s shop at 7:00pm. Please note this is the second Thursday in February instead of the normal first Thursday.

      • 1/16/14 – There will be an Improved Street class meeting at Andrew’s shop on Saturday January 18th at 1:00 pm. This meeting will be to discuss potential rule changes. If you are involved with the Improved Street class, please plan to attend. If you have any questions, please contact the Improved Street class representative: Rex Handsaker.

      • 12/28/13 – The next MPA board meeting will be Thursday Jan 9th at 7:00 in Andrew’s shop.

      • 11/26/13 – The next MPA board meeting will be Thursday Dec 5th at 7:00 in Andrew’s shop.

      • 10/14/13 – The invitations for the 2013 banquet will be mailed out shortly. You will receive the invitation along with a 2014 Nomination sheet for the 2014 MPA board. Please take a minute to fill out the nomination sheet. The sheet includes the four board positions (President, Vice President, Treasurer & Secretary) along with the class representatives for each class. The nomination form can be mailed in to the address on the form, or you can email your selections to Below are the invitation and the 2014 Nomination sheet. Hope to see you all at the banquet.

      • 10/8/13 – The next board meeting will be at 7:00pm in Andrew’s shop on 10/10/13. That’s this Thursday. Sorry for the short notice.

      • 9/29/13 – The 2013 MPA Awards Banquet will be November 16th at Mitch Coughenours shop. This is the same location as last year. The banquet will start at 5:00pm with dinner at 6:00pm and awards to follow. We will be sending out formal invitations, as well as the 2014 MPA Board nomination forms over the next few weeks. The banquet is a good time to celebrate a great 2013 pulling season with friends and family. We hope to see you all there.

      • 9/4/13 – There will be a board meeting on Thursday September 19th at 7:00pm at Andrew’s shop.

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